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What is simple cremation? This means that the remains are transported to the funeral home from the place of death and cremated shortly there after.

Is cremation performed right away after death? No. There are state statutes that must be followed when cremation is to be the final mode of disposition. In the state of Wisconsin, there is a 48 hour waiting period from the time the death occurs until the time the cremation may take place.  Before the cremation can take place, the local medical examiner or coroner needs to do a cremation viewing, also needed is a signed death certificate by the individual’s attending physician. Once that is completed, we can then obtain the cremation permit in which county where the death occurred in. Then the cremation can take place.


Do you perform cremations on site? No we do not. Owning and maintaining a retort (cremation chamber) is quite expensive. Before cremation became so popular as a final mode of disposition, many funeral homes would use the local cemetery’s crematory.  More funeral homes today are opting to have their own crematory versus using a cemetery’s crematory.  Many cemeteries still operate their own crematories. This allows us to keep the cost of cremation lower than other funeral homes. 

I am a Catholic.  Is cremation accepted by the Catholic Church and can I still have a Mass?  The Catholic Church has accepted cremation for final mode of disposition. Yes, you can have a Mass with the deceased present with cremation to follow or you can choose to have the cremated remains of the individual present for the Mass.

What is a Traditional Funeral? A Traditional Funeral consists of some type of visitation with the deceased present for a viewing. The casket can be open or closed. You may have some type of formal or informal service to memorialize the deceased.

What is a Memorial Service? A Memorial Service consists of some fellowship time followed by some type of formal or informal service memorializing the deceased.

What is the Social Security Death Benefit? The one time survivor’s death benefit is $255.00. Please contact us to find out if someone qualifies.

What is Title 19? T-19 is a supplement of income for medical expenses and funeral expenses. Typically if someone is on T-19 when they pass away, they are usually entitled to some financial assistance for the funeral arrangements. Please contact the funeral home to find out whether or not your loved one is eligible. * The funeral home does not approve the benefit itself. We contact the local agency in the county in which the death occurs and they make the determination.

I am a Veteran, what are my benefits? There are many benefits offered to Veterans.  Please contact the funeral home to discuss your specific situation.

Can I have my body donated to medical science and still have a funeral? Yes, you need to sign up with the Medical College of Wisconsin before the death occurs. You can have a funeral or a memorial service prior to the donation, or be donated immediately with no services. The Medical College of Wisconsin does suggest that you have some type of alternative arrangements made just in case the donation is rejected.

Do you offer cost guaranteed funerals? Yes we do. All of our services and merchandise can be

cost guaranteed.

Do you accept insurance assignments? Yes we do

Do you accept mastercard or visa? Yes


Social Security Administration 


Department of Veterans Affairs                                          

Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs                      

Wisconsin Military Funeral Honors Program                   

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel                                                 

Archdiocese of Milwaukee                                                 

Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries 


Find A Grave                                                                             

State Veterans Cemeteries                                                     

Wisconsin Office for Crime Victim Services


Wisconsin Department of Regulation & Licensing

Wisconsin Vital Records Services                                       

City of Milwaukee Health Dept. Vital Statistics


Milwaukee County Register of Deeds                               

Kummer Florists                                                                       

Pet Memorials                                                                           

Pet Loss and Bereavement                                                     

Pet Loss Support Page


Infant Death Center of Wisconsin                                      

Children’s Hospital of WI Bereavement Program 

Kyle’s Korner Child & Family Bereavement Center 

Camp HOPE Weekend Camp for Grieving Children

Catholic Cemeteries Bereavement Ministry                     

Growing Through Grief                                                         

Growth House, Inc.                                                

One Caring Place                                                     

Hospice Foundation of America                                          

The Hospice Organization of Wisconsin                          

Wisconsin Senior Services                                                    

Science Care (Anatomical Donation)

Medical College of WI  (Anatomical Donation)

Cryonics Institute                                                     

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